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About Me

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I am an Associate Creative Director and Motion Designer with over 10 years of industry experience.   With a generalist foundation, I am equally skilled and passionate about Design, 2D Motion Design, and 3D/CG technical workflows.

When managing teams and projects, I lead with compassion and by example.  My primary driver is to create a working environment centered on respect, trust, and artistic growth.  I'm a pragmatic and adept creative project manager who excels at finding strategic solutions, on time and within budget.


Creative Direction

An idea is only as strong as its ability to further the objectives of your business - and the creative team's ability to rally behind the vision.

Motion Design

The most powerful tool for crafting concise, effective communications in the digital age.  

Art Direction

Cohesion, good taste, and the foundational principles of design are key to connecting brands with audiences. 

3D Animation

A modern approach using cutting-edge tools and tech.


Empathy, trust, and opportunities to grow are critical components of a happy, healthy and productive creative team.


Consistency + efficiency = beautiful thing.

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